How to Sit for Meditation

One common question I'm asked about meditation is "how best to position the body and does it matter?" It's right up there with "when is the best time to meditate?", more on that later.  It matters only if you want to have an easy time of meditating. There are a plethora of reasons people will give as to why you want to "sit properly," some of them metaphysical and some not so much, you can find them all over the internet and they are all well and good. Still the most accessible reason, in my opinion, has to do with physical comfort and ease.

To access a truly blissful experience while meditating it is important to make sure the pressures and weight of the body are properly aligned so they do not cause any distracting discomfort while you are meditating. Sitting should be virtually effortless. Once set up properly there is no need to think about it again, you are free to drop into meditation and let the body be for a time. 

The way we sit from day to day or the location we have available to us may change (i.e. chair, couch, floor, park bench, rock near a trail, etc). Below is a quick video I made to help address the question of how to sit. In it I use common household items and yoga props. Once the principles demonstrated are practiced and understood, they can be taken out into the wilds of daily life. Translated into finding your body in a good sitting posture in any situation you find yourself (even if you don't have props or a chair available).

In the coming weeks I will be making another short video on how to set up a blissful reclined or supine meditation session for those times you're feeling extra low on energy.

Still wondering when the best time to meditate is? Check out my blog post Meditation Practices for Beginners. Then when you're ready to get meditating checkout the podcast Beginner Meditation Series Week 1.



    Coming Soon:

    • Meditation Postures Part 2 - Reclined or Supine (video)