Beginner Meditation Series Week 5


This week's meditation is one of my absolute favorites! When I was a child I used to sit for hours and just look and listen. I would listen to the environment and look at the objects around me, not really thinking about what anything was, just taking in textures, patterns, and a sense of space. They were quite times where I was finally alone, allowed to be calm and empty of thought. I didn't have to answer to an adult or worry about my performance on anything, I could just be.

As a child I thought I was just "being lazy," at least that's what some adults around me would accuse me of if I got caught in a moment of relaxed staring into space.  As an adult meditator, I now have a different perspective on what I was doing decades ago. I was meditating. I didn't know it at the time and as I got older I was trained out of it by my environment,  still that is exactly what I was doing.

So for me this meditation helps me get back in touch with my own true self. The self before the ego was trained and the self before societal pressures have any bearing. I am given carte blanche to just be and stay in the sticky sweetness of the honey like present moment. Drinking up its sounds and sensations, naming nothing, just pure witnessing of all things around me. In this week's recording I invite you to do the same for 25 minutes. Enjoy this practice for 1 week.

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