Beginner Meditation Series Week 3


This week we work with imagery. Using mental imagery to help you visualize the meditative process can be helpful at times. For instance, if you find yourself particularly troubled or worried, reliving a troubling past event or making a mental movie predicting the future, it can be helpful to instruct the mind on what images to conjure instead of continuing to watch and be drawn in by it's potentially self-destructive patterns. In this way you are able to take a step back and realize that those images, those thoughts, are not you. They are separate from you and they can be let go of at any time.

Today we will use the image of a sunny and partly cloudy day. Think of the clouds as a vehicle for clearing the thought field of all it's items. You may not be able to completely stop the thoughts from coming, yet you can learn to remain detached from them. In this way you begin to have the ability to choose what is worthy of further exploration and what is simply past programming that doesn't suit you.

Again the meditation starts off with a few minutes of guidance before leaving you off with 15 minutes of silence until the bowl rings at the end. Use this meditation for one week.

For more info on getting started with meditation check out the links below