Beginner Meditation Series Week 1

Each week for the next six weeks I will be posting new meditation podcasts to help anyone looking to get a strong and steady daily meditation practice. The series will present techniques to use during "silent" meditation. Learning to do this, as challenging as it can be will give you freedom. The freedom to know you can meditate in any environment without the assistance of music or guidance of any kind. 

Anyone interested in beginning a daily practice should start off by looking at a typical week's schedule and identify a consistent time that they will be able to give 30-45 minutes to every day. Perhaps it is first thing in the morning before you wake up, or during a lunch break, or in the evening before dinner. It doesn't really matter what time of day you choose. It matters that you choose a time you can stick to and that you keep trying no matter what.

I recommend that this time be consistent across each day of the week because it will be an easier habit to maintain in the long run. I do not recommend your daily meditation sessions being after dinner time or just before bed because there is a tendency to drift off to sleep at those hours. Meditating before bedtime or listening to yoga nidra or sleep meditations can be a helpful way to deal with insomnia or difficulty sleeping, however this should be in addition to a regular daily practice. I also recommend reviewing the post and video on How to Sit for Meditation to ensure you get the most out of each experience.

Over the course of this series we will explore various techniques or tools that you can use on your own to help you remain in the clarity of the witness and to stay off of the train of thought. The ideal is that by the end of these sessions you will be able to pick and choose your tools as you find what works best for you and for the distractions at hand. Each meditation, with the exception of one, begins with a little guidance to help you use a specific technique and then leaves you to practice it in silence for the allotted time. If at any point in time one technique isn't working for you, simply choose another to continue working with, the most important aspect is the intent, the trying. It is there that longer and deeper meditations spring from.

This week we start off with a simple 5 minute breathing practice.  After a few minutes of intro and guiding you into the practice you will be left to practice in silence until the bowl rings at the end.

Use this practice for one week, ideally at the same time each day.  Enjoy.

For more info on getting started with meditation check out Meditation Practices for Beginners and How to Sit for Meditation